Healthy – low calorie snack for the corn lover!

Have you ever heard of corn thins??   I stumbled upon these at a give away after a marathon my husband ran in.  They are pretty much

fat-free and have no gluten.  And as far a ingredients go there is only 3!  They have less than a gram of sugar and low sodium.  The down side is they do not contain much nutrition.  There is only a little fiber and protein.  But as far as a quick snack goes they are very tasty and a protein can be added with a little raw almond butter or a spread of your choice!  Now on a personal note they are very crunchy and make me feel I am eating something naughty and salty.  Now the serving size is just for two corn thins, but  with almond butter it is very filling and a great quick snack.  My kids gave it a thumbs up!

I consider my self one of the Queens of snacks.  What I usually look for is snacks that are high in fiber with some protein which helps to control my hunger.   Snacks that are relatively low in sugars, less than 7 grams unless it is natural.  I also search for items that are under 200 calories, preferably 100 calories or I do not consider them snacks.  I also try to kid test the snacks I feature but some of the things I really enjoy my kids have not developed a pallet for.  I am also not getting paid to try these snacks and purchase them myself in most cases!  However I wish I was!

If you enjoy snacks and are looking for a healthier alternative please join me in future posts!



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Most important a mom & wife! Have 3 wonderful daughters and a happy marriage. I am in the 50ish category and sandwiched between young kids in middle school and aging parents. I am passionate about healthy living and feel this would be a great way to share my experiences. It is a scary thought I am an AARP card-carrying member and over 50 years have gone by!! Do not feel over 30, but when I look around me I want my friends and myself to enjoy life to the fullest. I do not want my kids to wipe my bottom in the future!! I want go out moving enjoying life,family,friends and of course wine. I also felt this was also a way to share myself to my kids once they want to listen and read my blogg. Someday they my see my motherly advice had some value! Most of all I am doing this because I love my family and my self and needed to have an avenue to express my thoughts and ideas!!

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