My “birthing” Day!

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Ribbon

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Just another emotional day in MOM hood!  Remembering 20 years ago today my amazing daughter was born.  I know this is not my traditional post but thought I could not let the day go by without sharing awareness.   Twenty years ago my daughter was born with something called congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  or CDH.  This is when there is a hernia in the diaphragm and some or all of the organs migrate into the chest during development.  Often it is not diagnosed until after birth, and when doctors figure the lungs are not sufficient to oxygenate the baby, it is often to late!  If these kids do survive they often experience respiratory, feeding and developmental issues.  They also have to undergo surgeries to correct what mother nature did not.  Incidence of CDH has not decreased, that is because of lack of awareness!   Other diagnosis get much more attention because the children with other diseases have faces.  Often CDH kids die right after birthday so all these beautiful angel faces never get shared with the world!  TOOO many of these kids trade in their feet for angel wings.  I am on of the lucky ones whose angel is still on this earth!


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