Coconut oil – eat it? or tan with it?

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Coconut oil, what is all the craze about? 

 I mean look at the label: 12 grams of fat and 120 calories per tbsp and 0 trans fat. 

Do I eat it or tan with it?

Coconut oil facts:

  • Coconut meat is nutritious and rich in fiber and vitamins.
  •  Oil is made from the meat of coconuts.
  • The oil is slow to oxidize so does not get rancid as quick as other oils. Lasts up to 2 years.
  • The oil has a sweet nutty taste.

I know we have always been told that fat is bad for you!  But took at this country with all its low-fat craze. Americans levels of heart disease, obesity and cholesterol has increased at alarming rates.  We are doing something wrong!  Did you know there has been several studies on Asian and Pacific Island populations. These populations got the  majority of their caloric intake from saturated coconut oil and have demonstrated non-existent cardio vascular rates The word saturated fat has always sent me running in the opposite direction!  But researchers are saying not all saturated fats are created equal.  The key word being “created”.  Some fats occur naturally while others are artificially made in a process called Hydrogenation.  These man-made saturated fats are called trans-fats and are not good for you. Experts say hydrogenation does nothing good for your health except benefits shelf life which is good for corporate profits.

Here is the bottom line:

Hydrogenation = man-made saturated fats

Hydrogenation = trans-fats

saturated fats occurring naturally = good fats

saturated fat or man-made trans fats =bad fats

I am no researcher but I do read a lot.   I believe all the studies of tropical cultures where coconut oil has been consumed for thousands of years compared to short-term control studies, should carry some weight!

Many researchers believe coconut oils saturated fats actually provide health benefits!

  •  Improving heart health
  •  boosting your thyroid
  • increasing metabolism
  •  promoting a lean body
  •  supporting your immune system.



Do your reasearch for your health!

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3 responses to “Coconut oil – eat it? or tan with it?”

  1. claudiagiulia says :

    My doctor turned me on to healthy fats which, by the way, we need for balanced nutrition and well-being. A quarter avocado or a teaspoon of coconut oil find their way into my morning smoothie, pretty much every day. Thank you for spreading the word!

  2. arealfoodlover says :

    Have you read the Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife, C.N, N.D? He also has a website. He has really done an excellent job of laying all the information out in an understandable way.

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