Remember WHAT? Go Beets!

I think this was just blogged for me! Lover of beets and looking for my memory!!!!


Beet those pesky lapses in memory:

Do you ever find yourself sitting through half the late movie-you know, what’s-it-called, starring what’s-his-face—before remembering you’ve already seen it? Have you forgotten where you left your coffee mug (next to your keys, wherever they are) again?

Maybe you need a shot of beet juice. New research indicates that the nitrates in beet juice (which convert to nitrites and nitric oxide in the body) open up oxygen-rich blood vessels. Even better, the nitrite gets the oxygen and blood to the exact place in the brain where you need them most.

That’s good news, because reduced blood flow to certain brain zones is linked to memory glitches, slower thinking and dementia. Though it will take more research to measure beet juice’s impact on your brain, several studies already have shown that it does good things for your body. Beet juice can lower your blood…

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Most important a mom & wife! Have 3 wonderful daughters and a happy marriage. I am in the 50ish category and sandwiched between young kids in middle school and aging parents. I am passionate about healthy living and feel this would be a great way to share my experiences. It is a scary thought I am an AARP card-carrying member and over 50 years have gone by!! Do not feel over 30, but when I look around me I want my friends and myself to enjoy life to the fullest. I do not want my kids to wipe my bottom in the future!! I want go out moving enjoying life,family,friends and of course wine. I also felt this was also a way to share myself to my kids once they want to listen and read my blogg. Someday they my see my motherly advice had some value! Most of all I am doing this because I love my family and my self and needed to have an avenue to express my thoughts and ideas!!

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