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Getting Back on Track!

Had a rough weekend, so this is always a good reminder!!! This was one of those weekends where I ate too much salt and processed foods.  This morning felt like a bloated potato! Redirect and stay on track is my goal for today!!


Remember WHAT? Go Beets!

I think this was just blogged for me! Lover of beets and looking for my memory!!!!

A little herbal tea wisdom

AHHH!  Friday!  Getting ready for the weekend.  Sitting on the patio soaking a little sunshine and having a cup of tea! This is  my south florida mid morning ritual which I call mommy meditation!

For todays Tea Mediation I picked out SAGE tea.  It is a wonderfully mild tea and I love it plain or sometimes with a little crushed strawberry.  Don’t forget to strain it, some my not appreciate the strawberry floaters!!

Sage itself has many health benefits.  Just to lay on you a little herbal wisdom:  Sage is a great anti  inflammatory, documented to help with asthma, sore throats and even cramps and bloating.  The benefits of anti inflammatory properties are endless.  The personal benefit to me has been  a decrease in menopausal sweats.  Just taking time out for any kind of tea break has its RELAXATION benefits!

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